Grandma Vera

She was
Bountiful, Loving, Forgiving
From dreams to reality


Grandma Vera's Bakery is a multigenerational family owned business. In 1994 Vera owned a restaurant in Severna Park MD called Vera's Bakery & Cafe. For years she was a local favorite. People loved the at home feel, the quality and the unique style of the food she sold. From wedding cakes to Italian dishes and french pastry to Brazilian cuisine she was making people come back for more. When she decided to retire from the hectic restaurant life she kept on doing the local farmers market in Severna Park. My Brazilian Aunt Lenir is still there in Severna Park selling wonderful food every Saturday carrying on the tradition for Vera.   We sell fresh baked goods and prepared food at many local street markets. Now we have moved into a commercial kitchen in Rockville MD and are expanding on the farmers market business. As a family we are doing nine different markets every week. Grandma Vera was so passionate about everything she did but especially artisanal baking and cooking. She became very well known for her amazing creations. She inspired me and my Aunts to become passionate about food and baking as well.  Now with a little help from Grandma's recipes and a lot of dedication me, my wife and my Aunts are able to continue the tradition. This is a labor of love and it shows in the products we sell. 

 If you can't make it to a market feel free to place an order online!

A special thanks to my wife Nickie (in photo below) who works very hard together with me and has been instrumental in the success and growth of Grandma Vera's.  

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